Successful CHROME Surgery in Under 2 Hours

DEEP DIVE: Successful CHROME GuidedSMILE Surgery in Under 2 Hours


Join us for a unique webinar that goes beyond tools and techniques, focusing on the crucial role of the surgical team in elevating CHROME GuidedSMILE protocols to new heights. This webinar will explore:

  • The importance of clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the surgical team, and how they contribute to the success of CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery.
  • Strategies for enhancing the integration of priorities among the patient, surgical team, and doctor to ensure seamless collaboration and support.
  • Proven methods for optimizing team dynamics and communication to streamline the surgical process and minimize complications.
  • Real-world examples and case studies demonstrating how effective team dynamics can enable successful and safe single arch CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery in under 2 hours.

Through expert guidance attendees will gain a deep understanding of how team dynamics play a critical role in achieving efficient and successful CHROME GuidedSMILE surgeries. This webinar will provide valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing team performance and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives
  • Develop a deep understanding of how team dynamics play a critical role in conducting efficient and successful CHROME GuidedSMILE surgeries.
  • Reexamine each stage of the GuidedSMILE protocol highlighting opportunities for team and process efficiency.
  • Learn how to clearly define roles and responsibilities within the surgical team to optimize performance and support the doctor.
Speaker Bio: Alan Banks, President, GuidedSMILE

Since 2001, Alan has served the dental community through forward-thinking, digital, international companies. As president of GuidedSMILE, Alan manages all aspects of the company. His teams specialize in many areas of dental laboratory technology, with special focus on today’s digital technology, full arch reconstruction, guided surgery, research and development, and optimal clinical solutions. Alan provides technical support to general dentists and specialists throughout the world.

Alan Banks
Speaker Bio: Dr. James Hamill BDS MFDS DIP IMP DENT

James graduated from Dundee in 2001 and in 2003 started his implant career. An award winning dentist he is a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and has achieved the Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. He is an ITI Fellow with a passion for mentoring and education.

James offers a full range of implant solutions and has a small freelance practice limited to implant surgery and one to one mentoring. He has been pioneering the use of guided surgery in full arch immediate rehabilitation in the UK and Ireland and has now taught over 30 implant surgeons the techniques involved.

As CEO of Quintess Denta and Quoris 3D he is a forward thinking, relaxed and honest speaker who openly shares his experience of practice ownership and background commercial knowledge for the benefit of all delegates.

James Hamill
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Jul 10 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Chris Moore