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Join us for an upcoming seminar focused on the innovative CHROME dental implant system. This seminar will provide a comprehensive exploration of CHROME, covering its patented features and components. Gain insights into the unique aspects of CHROME and how they contribute to enhanced patient care and treatment outcomes.

Throughout the seminar, we will delve into various aspects of CHROME, including the meticulous management of patient records and the seamless integration of CHROME into the day of surgery. Learn about the precise setup of the operatory and the utilization of SurgiMat for surgical precision.

A key highlight of the seminar will be the comparison of conversion processes, examining the differences between PMMA and Ivotion materials, as well as standard holes versus small holes. Gain a deeper understanding of these processes and their impact on treatment success.

Attendees will also explore the importance of surgical records management and the restorative process in the context of CHROME. Discover how CHROME facilitates efficient and effective patient care from implant placement to final restoration.

Finally, the seminar will offer insights into the distinction between the CHROME surgical package and the CHROME Complete system, empowering attendees to make informed decisions regarding their clinical practice. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and elevate your dental implant procedures with CHROME.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the fundamental concept of CHROME and its patented features, distinguishing it from other dental implant systems in the market.
  • Identify and describe the various components of the CHROME system, including their individual roles and contributions to treatment success.
  • Explore best practices for managing patient records within the context of CHROME, emphasizing the importance of accurate documentation for continuity of care.
  • Gain proficiency in setting up the operatory for CHROME procedures, including the utilization of SurgiMat for optimal surgical outcomes.
  • Compare and contrast the conversion processes involved in CHROME procedures, examining the differences between PMMA and Ivotion materials, as well as standard holes versus small holes.
  • Develop strategies for effective management and maintenance of surgical records throughout the CHROME treatment process, ensuring comprehensive documentation for patient follow-up and analysis.
  • Gain insights into the restorative process associated with CHROME implants, from initial placement to final restoration, highlighting the seamless integration of CHROME into the patient’s dental care journey.
  • Evaluate the differences between the CHROME surgical package and the CHROME Complete system, enabling informed decision-making regarding clinical practice and treatment options.
Chris Moore: National Sales Director, ROE Dental Laboratory

Chris Moore has been a valuable member of ROE Dental Laboratory since 2018, where he currently holds the position of National Sales Director. In his role, Chris serves as a key liaison between ROE and its clients, providing expert knowledge on the extensive range of dental laboratory products and services offered by ROE. His responsibilities extend to delivering technical support to specialists and general dentists, guiding them on surgical and restorative protocols for their All-on-X cases.

Throughout his tenure at ROE, Chris has emerged as an expert in the CHROME workflow. He actively engages in educating clients, offering personalized training sessions on the CHROME system, and providing on-site chairside guidance for full arch surgeries.

With his focus on staying on top of the latest digital technologies, Chris has developed proficiency in teaching restorative protocols for Photogrammetry and Grammetry workflows.

Chris Moore


Apr 24 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Chris Moore