GuidedSMILE Family of Products

CHROME GuidedSMILE Standard

CHROME GuidedSMILE was developed for dentists who desire a preplanned, predictable guided All-On-X style surgery. CHROME GuidedSMILE is an adjunct to, and not a replacement for, the doctor’s surgical, implant, restorative knowledge and skill set.

This amazing service delivers:

  • Anchored bite verification
  • Anchored bone reduction
  • Anchored site drilling
  • Accurate anchored provisionalization
  • Easy method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase

Most cases simply require a CT scan, casts or digital impressions, and 4 specific photographs.

GuidedSMILE Natural

CHROME Natural is a prosthetic option for patients who have gummy smiles and want to avoid excessive bone removal or augmentation to raise their smile line. This prosthetic is designed to meet the tissue without any visible pink and with minimal bone modification.

The CHROME Natural process follows the same steps as standard CHROME GuidedSMILE cases, including the use of a Pin Guide, Fixation Base, and Osteotomy Guide. However, a special scalloped guide is also used to visualize and shape the alveoli’s reduction in order to create sockets for the tissue and prosthetic.

We advise having an experienced technician present for help during the first case because this procedure demands meticulous expertise.

The prosthetic is implanted during surgery and converted using a replica RAPID appliance obtained after surgery in a few months.


GuidedSMILE Lite

GuidedSMILE Lite™ is our lower cost full arch guided option.

Lite includes is a plastic version of CHROME, yet offers almost all the benefits of CHROME, such as small footprint, minimal lingual reduction, floating guide technology, wide variety of implant compatibility, tooth or tissue delivered, and so much more. The records, surgical and restorative procedures are the same as CHROME. This plastic version is allows doctors to budget for patients who may not have the funds for the premium, rigid, full visual service of the CHROME.

This amazing service delivers:

  • anchored bite verification
  • anchored bone reduction
  • anchored site drilling
  • accurate anchored provisionalization
  • a method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase

CombiGuide™ Surgical Guide


CombiGuide provides guidance for the bone reduction followed by a clip-in drill guide. CombiGuide comes with a full drill report for all major implant systems.

CombiGuide for All-On-4 facilitates a much quicker surgery and rapid conversion process. For surgery, the doctor will receive a bone model, two-piece bone reduction/osteotomy guide, transfer and seating bites, and an immediate flange-free provisional that is seated via the bites, rather than jaw manipulation. We will also provide an immediate conventional denture as a backup, when initial torque is not achieved.

CombiGuide™ LITE

Ideal for overdenture cases or full arch delayed loading. CombiGuide Lite gives you more economical alternative with a PDF plan (video planning not included), and we’ve replaced the metal guide with our economy resin guide.