GuidedSMILE Plug-in FAQ

Do you have questions about RealGuide or the GuidedSMILE Plugin? Please email them to


This options allows you to plan a case, design in 15 minutes (with some practice and going through our 4 hour design school), then purchase, download and print all in one day. It is a very efficient workflow.

$200 is taken off the purchase of the Annual Plug-In License of $900 the first year for completing the design course. Then, you’ll prepay for Tokens to export your designed cases $400/arch. It’s quick and easy to learn.

Correct… but this is the only charge, except for metal sleeve that you’ll bond into the Fixation Base (reduction guide) for drilling. Since you are able to plan, design, print inhouse, you can control the costs.

For best performance, we suggest performing the following evaluations (and solutions, if possible) in this order:

  1. your computer features, in particular the graphic card. Hardware requirements are available here:
  2. Old graphic card drivers can be and issue.  To solve it, please verify your graphic card manufacturer and model on your computer settings; visit the manufacturer drivers download page to update to the most recent. For example, if you have a NVIDIA graphics, look for “nvidia driver download” on Google and follow the instructions on the official website to update the drivers;
  3. Windows OS updates on hold. Visit your computer Settings –> Windows Update to download the most recent fixes;

Be sure you are always on the latest installer, available by emailing

Please, uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

Remember to always restart your computer after any update.


Navigating Full Arch Treatment Planning with GuidedSMILE

April 16 – 7pm EDT | Online Webinar

Are you a lab and interested in taking control of your full-arch, stackable guides? Join Alan Banks for this lecture and demonstration of the game-changing GuidedSMILE / RealGUIDE™ Software Plug-In.