Prosthetic Conversions

Standard Conversion

CHROME GuidedSMILE sets the standard for efficient chairside prosthetic conversion, setting up the case for a simplified final restorative protocol

Chairside prosthesis conversion with CHROME GuidedSMILE is a straightforward process. Using standard tools and applying knowledge of simple conversion techniques, the doctor, the staff, and or a dental technician can quickly process the surgical pick-up into a lovely prosthesis ready for seating in just 15 minutes.

CHROME Provides chairside support. We have a fee for this service. Our goal is to deliver a beautiful prosthesis ready for seating, while at the same time, teach the staff to complete the conversion so the savings can be seen immediately over other full arch processes.

C2F (Conversion to Final) – Small Hole Technology

C2F means delivering immediate prosthetics during a CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery with 2.5mm holes, rather than the typical industry-standard larger holes. Small Hole Technology dramatically improves the performance of CHROME prosthetics by maintaining the principal structure of the manufactured material, preserving the ideally designed occlusion, providing an extra-oral method of equilibration, creating a master cast on the day of surgery, delivering a beautifully crafted prosthetic without resin filled holes and faked-in occlusion, and providing the patient with what appears to be a final prosthetic.

C2F is a very simple but technique sensitive process. The parts are ordered from CGS and will accompany the GuidedSMILE case. However, we highly recommend requesting our chairside service for the firsts case to teach doctor and staff the nuances of the systems. We offer training videos and a printable .pdf of the workflow. Still, an experienced tech should support you on the first case.