RealGUIDE Completion

Congratulations on completing the GuidedSMILE RealGuide Design Certification Course.

To begin applying your newly acquired skills you need:

  • RealGuide Software license for implant planning
  • GuidedSMILE Plugin for the guide design
  • GuidedSMILE Tokens for lab-related case communication

Do you have a RealGuide Software license?
If not complete the form below and a RealGuide representative will reach out to complete the purchase and activation process. You will need the RealGuide software to activate the GuidedSMILE plugin.

GuidedSMILE Plugin & Tokens
Whether you have an active RealGuide account or are in the process of getting one, you can purchase the plugin and tokens today via the GuidedSMILE online store. Once your account is activated these purchases will be credited.

If you have any questions please email or call 800-763-7821 for assistance.