RealGuide – LMT 2024

RealGUIDE and Zimvie’s partnership with GuidedSMILE brings dental laboratory partners the opportunity to autonomously plan full-arch cases, design GuidedSMILE patent-protected stackable surgical guides, and fabricate them in-house!

Complete cases quickly for your doctors and produce a top-quality guide, using an easy-to-learn system. GuidedSMILE offers GuidedSMILE University and Guided
Design School to teach the complete system. Join us today and start producing stackable guides.


  • Plan implants, fixation, and bone reduction
  • Design patent-protected surgical guides
  • Print all or part in-house
  • Complete full-arch guides on your own timeline
  • Control the cost of guiding big cases
  • Utilize a system that an easy path to the final
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