SurgiMAT takes guided surgery to a new level. The SurgiMAT is a patient-specific, wall poster that provides the doctor and team the relevant information to complete a CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery.

The SurgiMAT comes in two parts:

1) SurgiMAT for the wall
This 47 ¼” glossy, full-color poster contains all the necessary information to guide a team through a CHROME surgery without having to stop and flip through a multi-page surgery report. It is easily visible from anywhere in the surgical suite and provides vital information at a glance.

2) SurgiMAT for the Countertop
The SurgiMAT is a specialized tool that is placed on the countertop in the operating room. It is designed to help the surgical team organize all the necessary implants, MUA’s, and temporary cylinders for easy access during the surgery.