Dr. Tye T.
Dr. Tye T.Dentist
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“We have worked with many different labs in efforts to find a full-service lab to meet our office needs. We have been working with a CHROME Lab now for a few months and have been extremely pleased with their customer service. They have worked really hard to get issues resolved quickly and always strive to deliver the best product for our patients. We appreciate that in our lab!”
Dr. Bart S.
Dr. Bart S.Dentist
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“I have been doing guided surgical implant placement for full arch denture conversion with immediate load for many, many years. I like CHROME as it really simplifies the implant placement and conversion process for my restorative dentist and myself. It has truly reduced the total time our patient is in our office and increased patient satisfaction.”
Dr. Isaac T.
Dr. Isaac T.Dentist
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“Guided surgery has become the gold standard for full arch implant rehabilitations. Going with CHROME from GuidedSMILE Dental Lab ensures a reliable accurate outcome. The rigid guide along with a highly aesthetic prefabricated provisional gives us the confidence to deliver what our patients deserve. The CHROME standard!”
Dr. Scott G.
Dr. Scott G.Prosthodontist
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“CHROME has taken my full arch treatment to a whole new level. Better implant placement means better bone and soft tissue to support the implant restoration. Simple and predictable. I will not do it any other way now!”
Dr. Jon R.
Dr. Jon R.Dentist
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“CHROME has completely changed the way that I treatment plan and provide spectacular outcomes for all of my full arch patients. I am able to confidently promise a beautiful smile, to be given the same day of surgery, and I know that I will deliver fabulous results every time with the CHROME GuidedSMILE technology. We work together as a team step-by-step in a seamless efficient process that saved me thousands in chair time. It provides such amazing results that patients share their experience all over the town.”
Dr. Andrew K.
Dr. Andrew K.Dentist
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“After years of frustration with the “All-on-X” procedure, I was about to give up on ever making this profitable for our office and a good choice for our patients. Now we finally have a predictable surgical and restorative protocol that makes perfect sense and is providing a win for our patients and for our practice. GuidedSmile is the future of the fixed hybrid denture. I am excited to be part of the group of dental professionals bringing this to the market.”
Dr. Scott S.
Dr. Scott S.Dentist
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“You guys hit it out of the park, I didn’t need to do a single occlusal adjustment, and the tissue levels are perfect. The patient is delighted and so am I, thank you guys for all the hard work. I also really appreciated the way you packed the new screws and latch driver. I really hope we get to do more cases like this soon.”
Dr. Rebecca L.
Dr. Rebecca L.Dentist
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“Looks fantastic. It's really nice how it all came together. He actually looks a lot like he did before, so he didn't wanna make a lot of aesthetic changes and now with the case the way it is and having his temporary prosthetic seated right, he looks just like himself. Only now he doesn't have to worry about his teeth”
Dr. Alex T.
Dr. Alex T.DMD, MSBE
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“So surgery went great. We had to put the chrome case on and we used it as a guide to know how much bone to remove to make sure that everything snaps in place correctly. Used a guide to place the implants fairly smooth. We did a bone graft in the area of the implant that we removed. We did a pickup and polished the entire case.”
Dr. Olivier B.
Dr. Olivier B.DMD, MAGD
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“I think that's probably the best method for somebody's edentulous. I don't see any reason why I would do it any other way. Even with somebody that has deficient tissue, you can still flap around it. There's no reason to do it any other way.”
Dr. Benjamin P.
Dr. Benjamin P.DMD
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"Everything went very smoothly. I had all the implants in under 2 hours, and the patient left in under four and a half hours, maybe even sooner than that! It was a great day, and she left with a beautiful smile."
Dr. Oliver B.
Dr. Oliver B.DMD
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"It turned out great, very minimal inflammation for the tissue or anything like that, and it was very easy, very quick, very efficient. We had a pretty edentulous patient with quite a bit of reabsorption and still managed to place seven implants."
Dr. Rebecca L.
Dr. Rebecca L.DMD
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"It's really nice how it all came together. He (the patient) actually looks a lot like he did before; he didn’t want to make a lot of aesthetic changes and now, with the case the way it is and having his temporary prosthesis seated, he looks just like himself. Only now he doesn't have to worry about his teeth."
Dr. Jason S.
Dr. Jason S.DMD
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"I've done other full arch implants before, and the predictability of this was great! It's convenient that we have the conebeam, we use our 3d scanner, and going over the whole case, where the bone is, how much reduction you need… it was nice to plan everything from the restoration down. It made everything a lot more predictable."
Dr. Gene M.
Dr. Gene M.DDS
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"You can actually see everything that you're working on, you can actually see the implants going into the bone because they've created space for that. It's incredibly accurate, and the support is amazing!"
Dr. Justin P.
Dr. Justin P.DDS
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"During the surgery, the guides were spot on, everything turned out really well. The bite was pretty much perfect!"
Dr. Jonathan B.
Dr. Jonathan B.DDS
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"This was our 15th case we've done with CHROME GuidedSMILE, and the planning process is always just stellar… We got excellent stability, we loaded the prosthesis against an immediate upper denture, and the patient could not have been more pleased!"
Dr. Enrico R.
Dr. Enrico R.DDS
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"The CHROME GuidedSMILE experience was great. Every step went perfect, I couldn't have asked for better results, and we had thrilled patients after they left. All implants torqued out what we wanted, and the prosthesis looked perfect."
Dr. Rita K.
Dr. Rita K. DDS
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"It was amazing. I do a lot of surgeries free-handed, but I don't think this would have happened for this particular patient. There is no way I could have done free-hand because it was a complex patient with the sinuses too low. The implants had to be placed exactly right."
Dr. Thomas O.
Dr. Thomas O.DDS
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"The case was complicated by the patients chin graft, which meant we couldn't do a labial flap. The lab was kind enough to put extra time in and design the case so that we could perform the CHROME GuidedSMILE procedure, but with out the Carrier Guide and without having to lay a labial flap while still getting the implants in place and deliver the prosthesis on the same day."
Dr. David T.
Dr. David T.DDS
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"The biggest benefits are to precisely deliver the product to the patient in a very predictable way. The case is digitally planned, the bone reduction is digitally planned, and we can deliver a temporary prosthesis in a very predictable way so that the occlusion, the tooth display, and the vertical dimension are all predetermined, and we have a strong temporary for the patient."
Dr. Sien S.
Dr. Sien S.DDS
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"As far as the surgery goe, it was awesome. It went nice and smooth, and the patient was really thrilled about the outcome. We're all very happy about performing the surgery with CHROME GuidedSMILE!"
Dr. Robert W.
Dr. Robert W.DDS
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"CHROME was phenominal because, even starting late, we finished the case in just a little over five hours from start to finish. The CHROME system is awesome. I've done 40-50 CHROME cases and this one was probably the smoothest we've had."
Dr. Heba A.
Dr. Heba A.DDS
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"The surgery went really smooth, and faster than I expected! We placed 4 maxillary and 6 mandibular implants in 2 to 3 hours. CHROME makes things go incredibly smooth and much easier!"
Dr. Alap C.
Dr. Alap C.DDS
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"The differentiator, in my experience, has really been on the conversion side where everything is very streamlined off of one platform. It's just the smoothest system, very minimal hangups, and even if yo udo have a hangup, there's ALWAYS a workaround."
Dr. Roger P.
Dr. Roger P.DDS
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"Overall the experience was great… Spoke with Jason and we planned it, so that couldn't have been any better! Chairside with Thomas, I mean that was awesome not only for myself, but also my assistants. We certainly collected lots of pearls of wisdom. It looks like a great result."
Dr. James W.
Dr. James W.DDS
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"My favorite thing about CHROME is the visualization. I can see exactly where the drills are going, and the fact that I can measure and I'm able to visualize that makes everything a lot cleaner and a lot easier… The problem with the other systems is that everything is covered, for the most part."
Dr. Richard H.
Dr. Richard H.DDS
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"From start to finish, from getting the pictures to the surgical guides and the maps, it was just fantastic! It was great to be able to have the patient leave the way she did. I know my partner was so impressed with how quick it took; she thought it was going to be quite a bit longer!"
Dr. Russell G.
Dr. Russell G.DDS
Read More
"The surgery was perfect, it was everything I expected. I was worried about every contingency under the sun, but the CHROME case carried everything smoothly and everything went exactly as planned. I feel that CHROME worked a lot better than the other system we used before, definitely worth it."
Dr. Andrew B.
Dr. Andrew B.DDS
Read More
"I was looking for a fully guided surgical and prosthetic workflow that was the best, and that brought me to CHROME GuidedSMILE. My expectations were very high, and they were certainly met… it's a very simple system when using it, very straightforward, well thought through, and super accurate and stable."
Dr. Tracy W.
Dr. Tracy W.DMD
Read More
"The ease of CHROME GuidedSMILE just makes a world of difference. I've done both freehand and guided surgeries, and there's no comparison. Having all the resources ahead of time, having everything planned, knowing exactly where the imlants are going to go, and being able to deliver this beautiful smile the same day is life-changing."
Dr. Nicholas R.
Dr. Nicholas R.DDS
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"We've done cases where it's been past six o'clock, seven o'clock when we're finishing up and we tend be rushing it because we're trying to put the pieces of the chaotic puzzle together. CHROME GuidedSMILE was a very well orchestrated procedure, where everything fit every step of the way."
Dr. Michael S.
Dr. Michael S.DDS
Read More
"I think surgery time was an hour and fifteen minutes because the guide fit perfect, the implants went in as they were supposed to, and everything just went and flowed, no hangups anywhere. I'm incredibly pleased with how it went!"
Dr. Gregory Y.
Dr. Gregory Y.DDS
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"I've been dragging my feet on getting started with guided surgery, because I'm one of those guys that have done hundreds of freehand surgeries. I've been doing implants for a long time, so I thought 'why would I need to go guided?' But for the preciseness of it, and not having to grind to retrofit dentures, I love the CHROME GuidedSMILE setup. I love the guide and that you can see underneath it to irrigate. The visibility is phenominal!"
Dr. Dennis M.
Dr. Dennis M.DDS
Read More
"38 years of doing implant surgery, and wow! I've never had a surgery like my first CHROME GuidedSMILE case. It was totally incredibly, the technology, the science, as well as the help guiding me through it. It's fantastic, and the patient left here with a provisional bridge that's literally screwed into his implants, and he was thrilled... It was really exciting, and I can't wait to do another case."
Dr. Frank A.
Dr. Frank A.DDS
Read More
"We did a double arch case in under two and a half hours, and it was fantastic! CHROME GuidedSMILE is better than its competitors in a lot of ways, and I'm sold on it. The case was everything we could have wanted; we loaded both arches, no problems."
Dr. Richard Z.
Dr. Richard Z.DDS
Read More
"From a clinical standpoint, it was fantastic. Everything went very smooth, even though we had a couple glitches, but we could adjust very easily. And doing the case flapless is going to save a lot of healing time, which will be fantastic for the patient."
Dr. Anthony D.
Dr. Anthony D.DDS
Read More
"Surgery went very smooth, the CHROME guide fit very well, and we had no issues at all placing any of the implants… I think the surgery time was less than two hours, and the timing of the implants and the MUA's were straight, which makes the restorative part much simpler. And the ability to pre-plan these and not have any surprises, knowing the exact anatomy of the bone and where the nerve really is gives you a lot of confidence, and makes the case go a lot smoother."
Dr. Jacob K.
Dr. Jacob K.DDS
Read More
"It's fantastic. Everything right back to the planning, seeing that going through the process and coming to life, and the accuracy of everything being spot on… I took a final look at the overal provisionals and it looked absolutely identical to what we had set up before even starting any of this!"
Dr. Germain J.
Dr. Germain J.DDS
Read More
"We are very pleased and very satisfied with the workflow and also with the results. I haven't had one patient not satisfied with the results, from the temporaries going to the finals, the patients are all in awe! That's such an amazing experience for us."
Dr. Michael B.
Dr. Michael B.DDS
Read More
"I've used several other systems and I do think this one is much smoother and easier to use. It has a lot of advantages over some of the other systems. The case went good, the bite looks good, and the prosthesis looks good… I love to see the implants go in, and take the guide off easily to see where the platforms go. It's really awesome."
Dr. Matthew C.
Dr. Matthew C.DDS
Read More
"The thing I love about CHROME so much is you know for sure that as long as you follow the rules, things are going to go where they need to go. You're going to get the best restorative outcome. It just makes sense."
Dr. Babak E.
Dr. Babak E.DDS
Read More
"We really enjoyed CHROME GuidedSMILE. It's very user friendly, very accurate, and there is an attention to details that we had problems with using different systems. CHROME resolved those problems. It's an incredibly flexible system with components that are easy to adjust and the visibility is fantastic."
Dr. Tara H.
Dr. Tara H.DDS
Read More
"The conversion was super simple. Snapping the PMMA onto the guide made things so easy, you knew there was no inaccuracy, floating, or moving buccal lingual or mesial distal. It locks into place and you do your conversion, which took me less than 30 minutes! It went really, really well and I enjoyed it."
Dr. Varghese J.
Dr. Varghese J.DDS
Read More
"The system itself is very beautiful. Everything has been taken into consideration; the way it was designed, the principles with which the surgical guide and other components are made, planning with precision in mind, and predictability. I found that to be revolutionary on the basis of my previous experience with other options that are out there for full arch imnplant prostheses."
Dr. Fred S.
Dr. Fred S.DDS
Read More
"CHROME GuidedSMILE is my go-to system now. I don't touch any other systems. It's efficient, it's accurate, it's really very well done and it ties in with the implants that we use, ties in with the prosthetic portion of the whole treatment and everything goes really smooth. I highly encourage, if you haven't used something like this, to try CHROME on a hybrid case. It's a phenomenal system."
Dr. Mark S.
Dr. Mark S.DDS
Read More
"Using the surgical guides as it was worked out, with our lab tech and virtually planning the case, it really went as planned. And the guides are incredibly user friendly, it's predictable, and you put a lot of trust in the plan… It gives you more confidence during the surgery."

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