The Printed Try-In™

One-Screw Test – Seat the Printed Try-In placing one screw in the distal most implant on one side and ensure a passive, no-rock seat. Repeat on the other side. If there is rocking, remove a cylinder from the Printed Try-In and pick-up, or section the temp and lute, like a verification jig, until all sections are passive and there is no rock. If no rock is detected, go to next step.
Equilibrate & adjust thoroughly adjust until the bite is exact. Adjust for esthetic and functional satisfaction.

The Printed Try-in is the perfect prototype when working toward a full arch monolithic, final restoration. This tooth-colored appliance (with a pink gingiva option), gives the patient the test-drive prosthetic needed to confirm the final.

Designed generally from the iJIG, the RAPID Appliance, or sometimes a screw-down tooth set-up, Doctors will receive this appliance and follow the usage instructions below. With this approved prosthetic, CHROME will fabricate the final restoration, or by request, for an additional full fee, fabricate another Printed Try-In.

With the full CHROME GuidedSMILE package, one Printed-Try-In prototype is included when ordering the full package. We know you’ll love this product for restoring full arch patients.

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