RealGUIDE Course Promotion

Thank you for attending our first GuidedSMILE Plugin course. Now that you are aware of the power of the RealGUIDE software and GuidedSMILE Plugin we we would like to offer attendees a very special offer. To start you on your plugin journey we want to offer you:

  • 1st year annual subscription for the GuidedSMILE plugin at 66% off
  • 4 tokens (GuidedSMILE x2, and CombiGuide x2) at 50% off
  • Bundle offer total = $995
  • Offer expires June 15, 2024.

This bundle saves attendees over 55% – typical value of this bundle is $2300. Complete and pay via the form below and RealGUIDE will apply these tokens to your ZimVie account.


RealGUIDE Offer Form

RealGUIDE GuidedSMILE Plugin